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How To Launch A New Product Every Seven Days

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How To Launch A New Product Every Seven Days!
It’s easy, once you know a few “content creation” strategies…

This is the secret to building a massive email list of buyers, for recruiting affiliates, and for “branding yourself” as the go-to person in your niche!

Here’s a description of each video:

Video 1: How to Launch A New Product Every 7 Days

  • Why working one day less a week allowed Robert to Launch 52 products in one year! (it’ll make sense once he shows you)
  • How to use new products to attract a flood of new customers
  • Product creation as lead generation
  • The “Ladder System” – how to turn low ticket buyers into high ticket buyers
  • The only 3 things you need to launch a new product once a week
  • How to get buyers to see all the products you offer
  • How to provide the exact solutions your buyers and prospects want
  • Why it should only take you 1 to 2 hours to write the copy for your products
  • Why you should never hire a graphic designer again
  • What niches you should market to, and which to avoid (the secret is working smart, not hard)
  • A devious price raising tactic, and how to combine it with urgency to get conversion rates as high as 16.3%!
  • The “dime sale method” to condition your list to buy you newest offer without even reading the sales page
  • How to use “2 for 1” deals once you get really good at creating products quickly (a technique almost no one uses – which is why it’s so effective)
  • How to use product creation for downsells, to squeeze a couple grand extra out of every promotion
  • Forget making it perfect – instead use the “surprise bonus” method to get over the biggest bottleneck for product creation
  • The 3 biggest time saving strategies for product creation
  • The 7 questions you need to answer before creating a product (not answering these will triple the time it takes you to create the product, and it won’t be nearly as successful)
  • 6 rapid launch tactics to get your products out in the marketplace as quickly as possible
  • 3 motivational exercises to get more done in the same amount of time
    And more!

Video 2: Creating Lots Of Content Quickly

  • The “block building” method to habituate yourself to create high quality content effortlessly
  • The 8 types of content you should create (avoid all other content except for these types)
  • How to visualize yourself into a “peak productivity” state
  • How to create a “friendly competitive atmosphere” to get more done in less time
  • A six step system for creating and scheduling blog posts
  • How to create 8 email “broadcasts” in one sitting
  • The “P.A.I.N.T.” Method for email content creation
  • The best way to use forums to get traffic and to attract buyers
  • How to mass produce video content
    And more…

Video 3: How to Get a Flood Of Good Ideas Quickly

  • How to “free” your subconscious mind so it works on ideas for you while you’re doing day to day tasks
  • How to combine “proven ideas” together in new and creative ways – to guarantee your success
  • The “top five favorite” method for modeling others who come up with good ideas – so you can use their approach to come up with your own
  • A simple “parallel mind” exercise for creating hundreds of ideas every time you use it
  • How to “read between the lines” on forums, blogs and websites to see the “hidden idea” that you can turn into a successful and
  • in-demand product
  • How to sharpen your intuition so it attracts ideas instead of “inventing” them