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Kevin’s Productivity Hacks

ATTENTION: You’re Working Harder & Making Less Money Than Most Marketers. Why Is That?
I Run Three Successful Membership Sites, Launch Two New Products Every Month, Have The Best Customer Support In The Industry And I Am 400% More Productive Than 99% Of Other Marketers.
And the best part… I work less than 4 hours a day, a few days per week and take a mini holiday every 2nd weekend.

Everything That’s Covered In This Video Training Series

Part 1. Introducing The Most Impatient Man in the World.
Part 2. Why Most People Get Nothing Done.
Part 3. Keeping Your Business Model Simple & Repeatable
Part 4. Creating Your 2 Year Marketing Plan
Part 5. Breaking Down Your Months & Weeks
Part 6. Breaking Down Your Daily Plan
Part 7. What You Must Do Every Day To Work Like A Robot
Part 8. What You Must Do Every Week To Fill In The Gaps
Part 9. Setting Goals & Tracking Results
Part 10. Replacing Time With Money While Getting Better Results
Part 11. 5 Hacks To More Money, Have More Time & Less Stress
Part 12. Having Everything In One Place & A Backup Plan
Part 13. Breaks & Rewards
Part 14. The Conclusion, Bonus Templates & Your Plan of Action

PLUS You’ll Also Get These Bonuses Worth $81.00

Bonus #1 – 2 Year Business Planner Template & Daily Planner Template (Document & Spreadsheet Format) – Value $27.00
Bonus #2 – Outsources Task Spreadsheet Template – Value $27.00
Bonus #3 – PDF Notes Plus 27 Slides Outlining Kevin’s Productivity Hacks – Value $27.00


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